Male Supplements

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  • Max Load 60 Count Bottle
    Max Load is a stimulant-free, all natural formula made for men to safely increase the amount of ejaculate fluid, creating stronger contractions and elongating the duration of the orgasm for more satisfying pleasure.
  • Kangaroo for Her Pill Single
    The Kangaroo adult nutritional supplement that will unlock intense orgasms for 72 hours, and increase natural lubrication! Even works with alcohol!

    - Individual pill
  • Nyagra Natural Climax Intense 2 Capsules Eaches
    Nyagra intensifies the female climax. Use daily to create longer and strongerfull body orgasms. Use before any intimate occassion; by yourself, or with yourfavorite vibrating "toy".
  • Sweeten69 Secretion Sweetener - 30 Count Bottle
    Sweeten69 is a tasty chewable herbal supplement for men and women that naturally enhances the pleasures of oral sex. Using this as a daily dietary supplement can actually improve the way your secretions taste during sex.
  • Me Me Me Meow - Eaches
    Me Me Me Meow, female sexual enhancer. Intense orgasm, increases arousal, fast acting & long lasting, & better vaginal lubrication. Last 72 hours. Individual pill.
  • Max Testoterone 60 Tablets
    All natural nutritional and herbal supplement devoted toenhancing and increasing the sexual experience.A revolutionary sexual stimulant engineered to increase sexual stamina and arousal.
  • XploZion Male Ejaculate Volumizer - 60 Count
    XploZion Male Ejaculate Volumizer will increase and strengthens ejaculation release. It will give you a stronger, more reliable orgasms and multiple orgasms.
  • On Natural Libido For Her - 1.7 oz.
    The new and exciting thing about ON Libido is that finally you can offer a product that stimulates a womans internal want and desire for sex. Typical arousal products create a physical reaction but they do not necessarily make a woman think about sex and want it like ON Libido. ON Libido is formulated to support a womans healthy sexual response and desire. It naturally corrects imbalances that may be robbing a woman to her desire for sexual intimacy. In other words it helps women get their mojo back.