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  • Muscle Smooth Cocksheath Atomic Jock - Clear
  • Cocksling-2 - Black
    COCKSLING-2 is the absolute best cockring we've made—we wear 'em to fuck, stroke, for piss play and blowjobs, we wear 'em under gear for a bigger bulge…and we know you...
  • Cocksling-2 - Clear
    COCKSLING-2 is the absolute best cockring we've made—we wear 'em to fuck, stroke, for piss play and blowjobs, we wear 'em under gear for a bigger bulge…and we know you...
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Yours and Mine Vibrating Love Ring
    • Vibrating silicone penis ring for shared pleasure during sex
    • Powerful single speed vibrations
    • Super-stretchy silicone restricts blood flow to give a harder erection and delay ejaculation
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Pre-loaded with 2 replaceable LR41 micro cell batteries, with 4 further batteries included
  • Speed Snap Cock Ring
    Maintain a harder, stronger, and more sensitive erection when you wrap this snap-on cock ring around your cock and balls! Restrict blood flow by tightening this comfortable and attractive strap around your package, creating a bulging hard-on that will last through your most tantalizing endeavors. Solo or with a partner, you will love the enhanced sensation of every stroke, thrust, suck, and fuck! When you are ready to ejaculate,...
  • Silaskin 2-inch Ball Stretcher  - Black
    Not too heavy and not too light if you have never experienced sex while wearing a ball stretcher this is the perfect toy to test the waters. The super stretchy Ball Stretcher fits scrotums of all shapes and sizes. The Ball Stretcher is super easy to put on, just stretch it between your fingers with each hand and gently release it between the base of your cock and your balls. You wont believe how amazing it feels to have sex while wearing the Ball Stretcher.
  • Cocksling-2 - Smoke
    COCKSLING-2 is the absolute best cockring we've made—we wear 'em to fuck, stroke, for piss play and blowjobs, we wear 'em under gear for a bigger bulge…and we know you...
  • Unit-x Stretch Ball Stretcher Atomic Jock- Black
    OXBALLS invented the original COCKSLING and NUTTSLING… this fucker works the same way but its slimmer and fits better with no extra bulk…nothing feels like a “sling” on your dick—it feels just like when you grip the base of your meat and balls with your hand and squeeze, not tight like a cockring, it grips all of your junk…and this version stretches...
  • Muscle Smooth Cocksheath Atomic Jock- Black
  • Truckt 2-piece Cockring Set Atomic Jock- Clear
    TRUCKT cockrings hugs your meat with 2 different fits--the large one for a good grip on your cock & balls and a good hard bone, the smaller one if you want more grip for rock-hard meat…or wrap your cock & balls with the large ring, and use the smaller ring stretched around your ballsack for tons of grip…Made of super-strong SKINFLEX-TPR, our best material for strength and serious stretch. Stretches 5X its size and snaps back every time…and this stuff feels amazing, no squishy...
  • Muscle Smooth Cocksheath Atomic Jock - Ice Blue
  • Tlc Kinky Cock Ring And Ball Harness - Neoprene
    Flexible lightweight neoprene cock ring with ball harness provides a snug comfortable fit. Features metal snaps for multiple size adjustments. Users enjoy the sexy look of leather without the hassles. Hand washable for hygienic enjoyment.
  • 360 2- Way Cockring + Ballsling - Black
    360 is our new two in one cockring and ballsling that’ll beef up your meat and have you blowin’ load after load. If you’re into ballstretching or having your nuts handled, the padded base doubles as a ballsing that’s designed to push down on your sack for a sweet stretchin’ sensation.

    360 is made from our signature FLEX-TPR so it’s lightweight and compact but still thick n’ fleshy.
  • Fantasy X-tensions Extreme  Silicone Power Cage - Black
    Your partner. The ball strap prolongs ejaculation for explosive climaxes while the cage leaves your cock open to feel every sensation and still enjoy the natural touch of your lover. You'll enjoy thick throbbing erections and your partner will love the cages added sensations. The vibrating clit stimulator delivers direct stimulation to their most sensitive spot ust one click of the powerful waterproof micro vibe and you will make them cum harder than ever before.
  • Bull Bag Xl - Clear Ball Stretcher
    Part ball stretcher and part ball weight the Bull Bag is two scrotum toys in one and designed for guys with low hangers. Simply stretch the opening on the top of the Bull Bag and gently release over your entire scrotum and you are ready to go. The Bull Bag gives an incredibly pleasing 1.5-inch stretch and tug for that extra overload hanging right between your legs. The Bull Bag also works for giving your package that extra-large bulge under your favorite pair of jeans.
  • Fetish Fantasy Elite Ball  Cinch with Anal Bead - Black
    Enjoy the most explosive ejaculations ever with the Fetish Fantasy Elite Ball Cinch with Anal Beads. Made entirely from our silky-smooth Elite Silicone these wearable anal beads double as a performance-enhancing ball cinch allowing the wearer to prolong ejaculation and extend the fun while enjoying incredible prostate stimulation. With the beads in your ass and the...
  • Bull Bag 0.75 Inch Clear Ball Stretcher
    Simply stretch the opening on the top f the Bull Bag and gently release over your entire scrotum. Gives users the feeling of having a bigger scrotum. Made of PF Blend - a proprietary blend of Silicone and TPR developed to provide superior stretch, comfort and durability. Not compatible with latex.
  • Unit-x Sling by Atomic Jock - Clear
    UNIT-X is a sleek, sporty, power-fucksling built for speed!

    It wraps around just the base of your dick and the top of your ballsack. There are no extra thick rings or chunky bits. UNIT-X is made from an all new TPR blend that stretches more and feels even more rubbery.

    UNIT-X fits big or slim dicks, it fits huge balls or high & tight nut-sacks.

    Item comes packaged in a heat sealed pouch.
  • Fetish Fantasy Extreme Extreme Chastity Belt
    Lock up your subject’s most misbehaved member with the Extreme Chastity Belt. Made from high-quality metal and closed with a secure lock, this cage will keep your subject’s cock behind bars until you decide when it’s a good time to set it free. The waist strap attached to the cage is adjustable to fit most sizes. Attach a leash onto the waist strap and explore all your master-and-slave bondage fantasies!
  • Dark Rod Vibrating Beaded Silicone Sound
    Made of premium, non-porous and phthalate-free silicone, this vibrating beaded sound is body-safe and easy to sanitize! Experience every nodule as the flexible tail slips down your urethra. The one-speed vibrator is powerful, and will send shivers down your shaft. This extreme pleasure tool is waterproof for use wherever and whenever you want, as well as convenient cleaning.

    Measurements: 9.5 inches in total length, 6 inches insertable. Beads range in size from.18 to.28 inches.

    Material: Silicone,...
  • Fifty of Grey Again and Again Adjustable Cock Ring
    • Silicone lasso-style Fifty Shades of Grey love ring
    • Can help enhance his erection size and stamina during lovemaking
    • Completely adjustable to suit men of all girths
    • Fit can be altered during sex for a tailored experience
    • Travel-friendly sizing for holidays and hotel stays
    • Quick release button
  • Neoprene Ball Stretcher - Tall
    This Tall, Three Snap Neoprene Ball Stretchers are the most comfortable Ball Stretches you will ever wear. Can be worn all day without pinching or biting into your skin. You will have the utmost comfort while you send your balls down south. With three metal snaps, this stretcher is very easy to put on and take off.
  • Annex Erection Enhancer
    Divide and conquer with this devious piece. Inserting the phallus through the main compartment then placing the testicles . This T-style divider keeps everything snuggly in its place. Made of flexible TPR this devious piece gives just enough to fit over the wearer and subdued just enough to keep things interesting. Is it reward or punishment .. You decide.
  • Fantasy C-ringz Extreme Silicone Cock Blocker
  • Bullballs-1 Ball Stretcher - Black
    BULLBALLS-1 ballstretcher. It was our first and has been our most popular silicone ballstretcher. But the old the old molds we made this in were not up to our current standards. We create all designs now in CAD programs, we prototype on 3-D printers that allow us to refine product till it is truly the best we can offer. This thing just fits and feels right. Made of pure platinum cure medical grade silicone, (only the best from...