Costume Accessories

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  • Embroidered Venice Mask
    Embroidered Venice Mask with tie back. Black. One size. Comes packaged in photographic box.
  • Willy Whack-it Pecker Pinata
    All the girls can decorate this 16-inch long Willie! Add fake fur, a hat, or even a costume to look like the Groom! Fill him up with condoms, Blow Pops, dares for the girls to complete, then whack the living daylights out of him! Makes a great party decoration!
  • Romantic Heart Confetti
    The Romantic Heart Confetti adds flare to all sorts of occasions!

    Create a seductive trail to the bedroom for a sexy surprise or include in party invites. Throw some on the table to make a candlelit dinner even more special. Bonus: they float in water so they are great for sensual baths and hot tubs.

    Each bag contains 7.8 grams of confetti.

    Made of polyester.
  • Weenie Linguine Penis Pasta
    Mama Mia that a biga meat balla! Next time your cooking dinner for some friends... or entertaining party guests be sure to whip up some great tasting Weenie Linguine! This cute little pecker pasta is made in Italy, is great tasting, and of the utmost in quality. Your party guests will howl with laughter, making your big event the one they will talk about for days on end!
  • Wild Willy's Party Cups - 10 Count
    Get your party started and get wild with our Wild Willy's Party Cups. Arming partygoers with these game cups will not only allow them to wet their whistle but will also provide outrageous entertainment making your next girls night out bachelorette party birthday party or hen party a night to remember.
  • Bachelorette Party Favors Cheers Bitches Party Banner
    "Cheers Bitches" Party Banner - Decorations are essential to every Bachelorette party! The "Cheers Bitches" Banner will do the trick for you your next celebration.
  • Bachelorette Button - 3 Inch - It's My Day Bitches
    Large pink button with pin back.
  • Dick Head Hoopla
    Enjoy a girl's night out with this Dick Head Hoopla game. A great activity for Bachelorette parties, Birthday parties, or a girls night out.
  • Pecker Toss
    Enjoy everyones favorite game of horse shoes with your very own pecker toss. See just how many rings your can toss onto the cock. Come on give it a toss
  • Bride-To-Be Dare Cups - 10 Count
    With our new naughty trivia napkins we have combined decoration and entertainment all in one to make your next party extra special. Napkin contain 20 risque trivia questions intended for each and every partygoer. An amusing decorative touch that no girls night out hen party birthday party or bachelorette party should be without.
  • Bride-To-Be Trivia Napkins - 10 Count
    With our new Bride-to-Be Trivia Napkins we have combined decoration and entertainment all in one to make your next party extra special. Napkin contains 20 Bride-to-Be questions.
  • Bride To Be Tiara With Veil - White
    Bride to be tiara with white veil and pink lettering.
  • Pride Confetti - Gay
    15 grams of fabulous confetti that is perfect for weddings, parties, parades, birthdays and more! Confetti comes in 6 assorted colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
  • Bachelorette Party Veil
    What bride is without her veil? This fun Bachelorette Party Veil is decorated with small peckers down the back and an easy to wear clip to affix to her hair. Every bride-to-be should not go without this fun veil the night of her party.
  • Pecker Party Whistle
    Put your lips together and blow. Blow on this pecker and hear the high pitch whistle summon attention. Great for parties and group gatherings.
  • Risque Bachelorette Party 11-Inch Latex Balloons - 8 Count
    Risque Bachelorette Party Balloons will liven up any adult birthday party. Cuddly risque penises and risque messages adorn these colorful party balloons. They are a perfect gag gift for that adult only naughty party.
  • Pride Confetti - Lesbian
    15 grams of fabulous confetti that is perfect for weddings, parties, parades, birthdays and more! Confetti comes in 6 assorted colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
  • Beatin' Barack Wind-up
    Because Real Heads of State Masturbate! This wind up Commander in Chief masturbates like no other wind him up and watch him go Watch him stimulate his own package Just what we need Another jerk-off in the White House He beat the odds now watch him beat his meat
  • Willie Name Tags - 10 Pack
    No need to fight over these, there’s plenty for everyone in the party! The only thing is, some are bigger than others! Everyone guesses the size of the Groom-to-be’s Willie and the winner gets to pass them out to the girls of her choice!
  • Pink Maid Of Honor Sash with Diamante Stones
    Surprise the Maid of Honor with her sexy bachelorette sash, perfect for your unforgettable girls last night out! OMG International designs, creates, and innovates the best novelties and party gifts in the world. Their pledge is simple: "We guarantee to make 'em laugh".
  • Fancy Crown with Veil - Pink
    Make the girls last night out an unforgettable one with these hilarious Bachelorette party favors.
  • 24-Inch Inflatable Willie
    It is fun to dress this guy up like the groom! Can be autographed with permanent marker.
  • Hang String Light Up Shot Glass
    This shot glass gives a whole new meaning to Bottoms Up! Just hang around your neck and enjoy the fun!
  • Pin The Torpedo On The Sailor
    What is 12-inches long and filled with seamen? You guessed it - Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor. These guys are ready for action... anywhere ... any time. So arm your party with enough explosive firepower to get everyone soaked. Two partially dressed SEXY Sailors to choose from as well as ten torpedoes and two mines in assorted shapes and sizes, just like the real thing.
  • Wild Willy's Party Napkins - 10 Count
    Nothing screams Party like a napkin imprinted with amusing cartoon Willies and inscribed with 20 of life's most important questions. Wild Willy's Party Napkins - the decoratively entertaining and side-splittingly funny way to make your next girls night out hen party birthday party and bachelorette party a night to remember.